What support not enabled?

Sorry if you noticed the error on the site this morning (or before?), but it's all straightened out now. It'd be nice if my host would stop changing things on me, but that's probably too much to expect.

Weird URLs

I had some weirdness going on for a few days with the links to the posts from Blogger, but it's all fixed now. Sorry for the weirdness.

No recent posts?

Sorry about the empty list of recent posts that was there for a while. My ever-reliable hosting company changed a configuration setting that broke my updates. Hopefully everything is back to normal now.

NOW it's fixed

Ok, I guess the problem was with my host, and for some reason Blogspot was blocked with the firewall. I'm sure no one cares about these details, but the point is that everything is back to normal. Just pretend I never wrote any of these.

Is it fixed?

No, not really. It seems like the site is being blocked from all Blogspot-hosted blogs, so the automatic updates on these ones aren't working. I ran the update manually so that the posts could stay up-to-date while I'm working things out with Google.